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Handmade, Slow Rise

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Our Breads

We make a range of breads every day, with specials at the weekend. All our breads are vegetarian.

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This is probably our most popular bread. A low G.I. (glyceamic index) loaf packed with seeds, that goes even more nutty and crunchy with toasting. This bread is extra-moist and contains our sourdough culture, so it lasts for days. There is no added fat or sugar in this recipe.


Great for: piling high with salad and cheese, dipping in soups, slicing thinly and topping with smoked salmon or pastrami, or my favourite which is just toasted with vegemite or my mother-in-law’s marmalade.


This bread won a gold award in the Taste of the West Food Awards in 2007, 2008 and 2009!


Also Available: Sliced Multigrain


Our lovely nubbly, nutty multigrain dough baked in a tin for a much softer crust, and sliced for convenience. Sling it in the freezer and defrost slice by slice!


Great for: lazy mornings and wholesome sandwiches.



This is our classic, a substantial, French-style sourdough from the Bordeaux region. It is a fantastic everyday bread, made mainly with white flour, with a hint of rye and wholewheat flours for a little more flavour, resulting in a light grey crumb and dark golden crust.


The crumb is holey and irregular, a sign that the loaf is moulded by hand, and not by a machine which would homogenise the texture. We use our sourdough culture to naturally leaven this bread, so there is no added yeast, fat or sugar in this recipe.


Great for: all the time.


This bread won a gold award in the Taste of the West Food Awards in 2007.


Highly commended 2010 organic food Awards 


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A light and simple white loaf baked in a tin shape, perfect for sandwiches and makes the best toast. There is no added fat or sugar in this recipe.


Great for: toast toast toast!


This bread won a gold award in the Taste of the West Food Awards in 2008.


Also available: Sliced cloudy white


The same lovely loaf, just sliced!


Great for: when you can’t be bothered to pick up a bread knife (happens to all of us!)

Cloudy White

This wholemeal loaf is made entirely with spelt flour, and is therefore suitable for those who find modern varieties of wheat difficult to digest. There is no added fat or sugar in this recipe, and only a very small amount of yeast (0.1%). It is mostly leavened with our spelt sourdough, and has a distinctive savoury tang.


Great for: those suffering from mild wheat allergies. It goes really well with smoked salmon for some reason!


Organic Food Awards 2010 Commended


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A punchy Provencale loaf made with a mix of organic green and Kalamata olives, organic olive oil, and organic thyme. There is no added sugar.


Great for: olive enthusiasts. Try it in a bacon sandwich, it’s delicious!


This bread won a gold award in the Taste of the West Food Awards in both 2007 and 2008.

Olive and Thyme (Saturdays Only)

When we feel like it:



Walnut and Rye

Roasted Potato and Rosemary

Raisin and Rosemary

100% Rye Bread


On Valentine’s day:


Organic Butter rich heart-shaped rolls


At Easter:


Apricot and Hazelnut with spices


At Christmas:


Organic Cranberry and Hazelnut with festive spices.

Special and Occassion Breads

Take A Look! Take A Look! Take A Look! Take A Look! Take A Look! Take A Look! Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 17.03.36

A sour, moist and dense German loaf, with sunflower seeds and whole cracked rye grains for added texture. This beautiful bread is a totally different animal to wheat-based breads, and is best sliced thinly and kept in the fridge.


This bread is wheat-free, but rye does still contain gluten. We add a small amount of commercial yeast to this recipe to ensure a good rise, but it is mostly leavened with a rye sourdough culture.


Great for: topping with cream cheese and smoked salmon, or my favourite, mashed bananas.

100% Rye

If I had a Cornish Granny, which I didn’t, these are the buns she would have made. Real saffron, real butter, really nice! Well done Nigel and Amanda in the bakery for coming up with this one – these are a world away from the crusty European breads I specialise in, and all the better for it.


Great for: toasting and spreading with clotted cream, and maybe even some jam if you want to be healthy!


Saffron Buns

We are bread people really, but these apricot flapjacks are so good, we can’t help making them! They contain so much syrup they bend, and I have to warn you, they really are quite addictive.


Great for: snacking, bribing children.



butter snail

Classic, crusty French-style baguettes, containing just organic flour, water, salt, yeast, and a little of our sourdough culture for extra flavour. We use no fat and no sugar.


The baguettes are hand-rolled and left   to prove in lengths of French linen (called ‘couches’ in French). Once risen, they are baked on the floor of the oven with lots of steam to ensure a thin, splintering crust.


Great for: picnics, soups, sandwiches, and eating on the way home from the shop!

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