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Handmade, Slow Rise

About Us - Vicky and Hairy

It all started a very long time ago when my Mum pushed a good housekeeping book under my nose and demanded bread for lunch. I think I was about eight!


Since then I have always made bread, but it didn’t occur to me to start a bakery until I needed a job in my beloved Cornwall. I refused to move upcountry and get a proper job and down here, as a mouthy 24 year old law graduate, I was  completely unemployable! Luckily for me, I had by this time met somebody as mad as me, the eternally optimistic Hairy, who thought starting a bakery knowing nothing about it was a great idea!

Hairy and Vicky Harford

After completing an intensive artisan bread course at the French Culinary Institute in New York, I set up Vicky’s bread in an industrial unit in Helston, where we still are today. At the beginning it was just me, baking through the night and delivering in the morning, but pretty soon we added staff, and continued to expand our customer base, delivering to more and more small shops and delis around the county, so people can buy the best bread, as near to them as possible.


These days Hairy and I have a lot of help with the bakery (and a big cheer to the bakers, because they really are fantastic), as we are shopkeepers and were publicans as well, but I still reckon that there is nothing quite like the smell and the atmosphere of our little bakery at night, when the fresh loaves are rolling out of the oven, and all lining up to cool. We have been going Eleven years now, and making the best bread we can, with no short-cuts and the best ingredients, seems as important to us now as it did when we started, so a big thank-you to everyone who has supported us by buying Vicky’s Bread.


The other things we do:


In true Cornish style, we have diversified, and now run two other businesses as well as Vicky’s Bread.


We run a small holiday cottage agency in Helford:




When the village shop closed, we were determined to save it, so we took it on and turned it into a deli and food emporium:




And then when the pub closed too, we felt we had to do that as well!


Vicky Harford

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